Evan Ramspott

the author

Water Darling will be available for pre-order in 2019.

What is Water Darling?

A history lesson. A love story. A literary experiment. A challenge. My heart and its blood wrung from my soul...but it is best described as a book.

A book about a woman named Imogene Parker. Was she real? As real as you care to believe. In 1921, she lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a single mother with the uncanny ability to call rain. Real rain. Moisture from the very sky. A gift. A wonderous power that came with a price.

For her, the price was love lost. A broken heart, shattered dreams. The burden of an unwanted child. The responsibilities of adult life thrust upon a teenaged girl mesmerized by the lure of freedom.

That lure? Thomas Finn. The embodiment of everything she wanted for herself. His charm, his luxury, his smooth way with words, his handsome features, the curves and lines of his body, and the power to draw rain from the sky. A rainmaker himself. Beholden to no one, not even the woman who loved him.

And yet, neither Imogene nor Thomas knew the world as Walt Shepherd did. Segregation asured that. For him, just trying to reach equal was the measure of success. A free man, free to make an honest living. Except first, the debt of exacting revenge on the rainmaker who stole his father's last gold eagle needed to be repaid.